My first blog post!

Welcome to all my amazing followers…my only 2 followers, my husband, Captain Mike, daughter Shelby, oh and Izzy, the pup, although she can’t read! I love ya guys.


Me and Captain Mike!

Me and Captain Mike!


My 2 babies!

My 2 babies!

Today though, I do want to thank a few people for actually getting me on this road of bravery and allowing my creative soul to divide and conquer the internet world!


Tara Sophia Mohr for her online class Playing Big!  She got me started with my first love, Coaching!  I coach students to “Play Big” of sorts.  I guide them in figuring  out where they want to be career wise at Future purpose coaching!

But it has been a hard road!  To get the full picture you need to know a little about me!

I’m blonde, rode the short bus, (and proud of it) am very creative, ahead of my time, i have been told since birth…and very much ADD!  A squirrel?  Where?

Sounds like a lot of bloggers (the ADD part) which I’m happy to have found a niche that I fit right in with!  Thanks guys! :) virtual hugs here!

I started my first blog crush last year with The Lettered Cottage!  Man oh Man.. An awesome creative couple and too cute for words!  A must check out source, but Be warned, highly addictive read!

Then to Mandy and Jeff of House of Rose and Dollars and Roses.  Jeff’s book came out September 9th!  Go get it!

LOL I want him to do my 5 series for Future Purpose Coaching, (hint hint) to get these young kids on a great financial path, NOW!

Jeff I will be contacting you again, cause you said I should!!

Jeff and Mandy also, as if running 3 blogs, having 3 boys and trying to adopt is not enough, tell you how to blog and are completely an open book about how much money they make!  What great role models for those 3 adorable boys!  (and a great LOVE story there folks), just saying!

Anyhooo’s..Next I found some Loving Lake girls!  I was in haven…I had just moved to a lake house that was built in 1971, by a dock company ya’ll, meaning steel beams and 80′s tile floors!  Hmmm what to do, what to do!

The creative, ADD mind and the budget that the hubby had…well let’s just say we had to have a talk!  i lost!  But not completely!  Follow me on this journey to see how it has turned into this amazing place we love!

Although it’s a project still in progress, I love doing, changing and rearranging!  My husband says to visitors, If you stand there long enough, you WILL get painted! Maybe even turn you into a shabby chic beauty!

So for inspiration I started to follow The lily pad cottage and crafty scrappy happy of course! Two of my faves that live on the lake too!

I have since found more blogs, but these 2 are just sweet and very kind!  Kelly at the Lilly Pad has even given me some pointers so I won’t  make the same mistakes!  Thanks!

But the real inspiration to get this blog going after my yearlong wordpress debacle…Introducing, (insert french horns) Mr. Paul B. Taubman, ll @ineedhelpwithwordpress!  So fitting don’t ya think!

So today’s post goes out to you Paul for your FREE, 28-Day WordPress Course!  And you guessed it…today is the day he say’s “write your first Blog post” even if nothing else is on your site!

Haha!  Here it is folks!

I do hope my 2 followers will send this to their friends and eventually you will be reading this post when I actually have many more followers!

I’m sure Paul’s course will cover how to add those cute little buttons to make it easy for you to follow me everywhere, but until then just come on back to!

I do have some pictures on Hometalk (I actually have 63 followers !!) and you can follow me there.

One more thing…This blog is for fun, so if you see typo’s, misspelling’s grammar or punctuation error’s (Karin, Tess and Suzanne, lol) just pass right on by!  If your looking for perfection like on Future Purpose Coaching, then contact my professional proofreader, Suzanne at www.the!

Maybe tomorrow I will do an about me page!

Hmmm, certainly something to ponder!

Until Next Time,

Be Inspired!





10 thoughts on “My first blog post!

  1. Hi, Karyn! Good luck with your blog and I look forward to it. I’m always looking for ways to improve my living spaces, and I just moved into a duplex that has LOTS of potential. :-) Can you add me to some kind of list so it’s easy to follow you? I don’t really get to spend much time online and I like to look at the good stuff first. :-) Thanks! ~ Theresa ~

  2. Hey Karyn,

    Love your first blog post. Please add me to your list of followers! I am addicted to design blogs. Can’t wait to follow your home makeover journey!


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