Up the creek BUT we’ve got paddles!

Yeah so living on the lake you can assume we have lots paddles to use on the boats, paddle boards and kayaks, but I have so much more fun using them as decor around the house!

This post is one the captain has been waiting and waiting for me to post on his attempt at decor. And yes, it is using paddles!


Cute right!  Now we can tell our friends that come to play on the lake to come to the mailbox with the paddles!  He is so proud of himself!

I wanted to do nautical rope around the paddles and use an anchor at the bottom. Well after you have  figured out how much rope it takes to go all around the post and how much it cost … well these paddles at 5 bucks apiece were just the right amount of cool, cute, nautical and “cheap” cause we are cheap frugal cost conscious  folks!

We do plan on doing some pretty Monkey grass or flowers around the bottom of the mailbox post in the fall.



The driveway is quite steep and tons of fun in the winter!  We have so many comments about this driveway, so the more we can do to ease the  “freak out” of “I gotta go down this driveway!!?”, the better chance we have of people visiting again.  Not really once they get into the house and see the view and the walk to the dock they know why we would rather have a steep driveway … I digress … a post on that coming soon!


So one more look at the captain’s awesome shot at taking decor into his own hands!  Quite cute I tell ya!



Have you ever seen a mailbox like this?  What’s the cutest mailbox you have seen!  Feel free to leave a comment below!

happy paddling people!!



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