The little table that could…..get color!

Hello again my friends!

Today I thought I’d show you a little table that I have had for over 13 years and has been part of adirondack chairs and love seat set.  They were inside our screen porch at the old house but not much room on the porch here at the lake house!  We had different priorities,  a fireplace and I had to have my day bed!  See why

My nautical little day bed
Best place to be on game day in the fall!

So all the wood adirondack pieces ended up on the lawn outside!

As you can see it got weather beaten!  I used it in 2 other places, but both were also outside.


poor poor pitiful me :(
poor poor pitiful me :(

Then we decided to keep the paint and boarder ( I know, I know boarders are NOT in) But we did not have time to take this project on before this years first guest were arriving for summer fun season on the lake!


The room is a guest room so we needed it to be functional right now.  I actually tried to take the boarder down, but it was not going to be a smooth process, hence it stayed the same!

not coming off clean…arggg..
Not going to come off easy!


So now with the theme being decided by the border, I needed to get some accessories started to make it functional and this little table fit the bill!

The theme if you have not guessed it,  is B-E-A-C-H!  Specifically Key West kinda colors, bright and fun!

I grew up in Sarasota Florida, where Siesta Key Beach has been voted number one like 10 years in a row…So it fit for us!


As you can see the table was in horrible condition!  It really needed to be overhauled.  So I used the trusty little orbital sander and went to work.

Dang that stuff is so dusty!  Glad I had a mask and glasses!  They are a must!

Of course I love color and usually have a ton of little samples of SW paints.  I mean for 6 bucks a pop, I could use them all day long and not feel guilty if I don’t really like the color after I see it, although they have such great colors, that has never happened!!


I also seem to have a slight obsession with the color coral and aqua(more on that later, hint kitchen).  I had all the paints on hand.  I just blindly picked them and painted.  Did a little wax, and distressing and done!

Cute as a little color button, don’t ya think?


It is perfect to go between a double and twin bed in the room!  Don’t ya think it’s so adorable here?


A peak at the wall color that we did not change, because we did not have time because of the broader, yada, yada, yada…remember…  OK

So the little light fixture…Love it..It came from Ballard Designs outlet!  Love that we have one  here in Atlanta!

Ballard $8 dollar

The best part…8 bucks.  Yep 8 little dollars!  Love that we do not have to have a lamp so the table has room for our guests to place books, glasses, a water bottle or anything else they need beside the bed.

I also like that it has room for a radio/ipod station for them to have some music!

table and shade

I will show the rest of the room later!  Still working on the bedding!

Don’t forget this little beauty as well…Any guesses yet as what it is?  It will be showcased when it’s October.


I do not really decorate till then as MY BIRTHDAY was yesterday… sshhh…so September at my house is all about me baby!


Thanks for stoping by!

Go now and get inspired!




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