Shutters, shutters and more shutters!

I love a good shutter, whether it’s indoors, outdoors or a shutter door from a closet!  I have used so many in my house and been called the shutter woman!  I thought it would be fun to share them with you this week!

The first ones are closet doors, that had a panel taken out and a wrought iron piece inserted.  I needed some lighting on a very long wall and decided to add a sconce to them.  This project was done 2 years ago, before I decided to dedicate a blog to DIY, decor and more.  So bare with me on the pictures!

closet shutters

Ok I told you I was not taking pictures for the blog…so here is my attempt at cropping how it looked before I added the lights!

Cute huh???  I fell head over heels in love with these and dreamed of them for 2 weeks and decided I had to have them.

I was lucky enough to have a coupon for 20% off at Outrageous Interiors here in Atlanta.  The name really does speak for itself!  A great store with unique pieces, but a bit pricey for this DIY’er and thrifty gal, but the 20% off made it doable!

with lights added

Now keep in mind we have 2 of them and they are on both sides of the couch!  I love the light they give off.

I bought $10.00 lights at home depot that were silver and I painted them black. They blend in with the wrought  iron and I’m still considering putting something on the shade!

Although… I did find some adorable new lighting, and I mean it when I say cute as a red nose on a reindeer!


Best part is they are only 18.00 each!

But Then I saw these…they are adorable too!

Lowes lighting


I have also considered going a little shabby chic and romantic!!!



What do you think??  These are so precious and fit in with the shabby chic decor of the house.  I’m  just not sure of the amount of light they would give off though!  But I do love them!

But for right now I love what we have!  They are a statement in the room and the first thing people notice after the view of the lake!

Living room

They do give off a lot of light which was the main goal!

Well these are the first in the shutter series!

Hope you enjoyed looking at them and remember I’d love your opinion on If I should change the lights, and which ones are your favorites or just add trim to the current shade!!

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