Shutters in the guest bedroom!

Well here are more shutters from the neighbors house!  If your just catching up with the shutter series click here to see the other post.

Here they are in all their glory, after being washed, sanded somewhat and then painted with a pretty light blue!

both beds shutters

Not sure if you know but there are 2 size shutters on a house.  One set was a small set and another was a large set.  Perfect for a double bed headboard and twin!

Both of these are actually three sets of the shutters to make the whole headboard.

Told ya it was genius!  I mean who would of thought headboards could look this good and not be planned!  Me that ‘s who!  LOL

Shutter headboard

If you look closely  you can see there are 3 slats that are put together with eye hooks and sea rope to form the one big headboard!

bedroom shutter hooks

To keep up the theme of the room, decided by the boarder, we hung them with nautical cleats.  Usually you tie the boat or jet ski’s to these, but they look great and are strong enough to hold real wood, which can be heavy.  Yes we also used anchors, as in the wall not anchors from a boat!  lol

both beds shutters IMG_0608

How cute are they?  In between you can see the little table that got a makeover earlier to complete the room!

Again here is the before

Taken off the outside of neighbors house! squeal!!


took Z off and painted a dreamy light blue!

took Z off and painted a dreamy light blue!

and after!

both beds shutters IMG_0608

Quite the change right!

What do you think?  Would your hubby/wife understand your desire to take something off a neighbors house he thinks is trash?

Or would they totally understand you have a vision??

Stay tuned cause  believe it or not there is still more projects that use those shutters!

I know, seriously, how many shutters can I possibly have, and how can I think of so many uses for them!!

ADHD , that how! lol

See ya next time!





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