Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere!

Good day folks!

I’m not sure about you but I’m seeing pumpkins everywhere, so I thought, why not post my pumpkins!

I’m not a traditional carving your pumpkin kinda girl, although my daughter is, I like to mix it up!

different kinds of pumpkin decor

I love polka dots!  So I painted the biggest one with black paint after I applied sticky dots randomly around the pumpkin.

After the paint dried, I removed the dots and added a big orange bow!

Isn’t it just the cutest as the parent pumpkin!

The next one I added black polka dot ribbon, the words BOO, cause it’s so scary right, with glitter stick-on letters, of course so I could reuse them for next year!

Then I added a pretty little orange Daisy, just to make the boo realistic!

The one in the back is too hard to see, but basically I used black raffia I had to wrap around the stem and created a cute little bow.

This is a table scape so it really did not need more than that!


Shelby's carved pumpkin

Here is my daughters carved pumpkin!

Nice job shelby, or as I call her “pumpkin”!  Anyone else call their kids pumpkin?

I also call her sweet pea and many other things when she was a teen that can not be mentioned here!


Shelby's master carving

As you get closer, you can see the duck tape pumpkin!  Yes good, old fashion, cheetah duck tape!

I love it and the best part is, it matched Shelby’s decor and took a total of 5 minutes! Seriously, I know it looks as though I spent hours on it!


Duck tape oh yah!

And just for fun, here is a peek into my next post about some more Halloween decor!


Any idea what this is???

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So until next time,

 Be Inspired, not just by me, but anyone!


Disclosure, All pictures were taken by me and clearly I’m not a professional!  It was also taken with an older version of an I phone…


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