Office Makeover part 2…

Hello there and welcome to part 2 of the office makeover!  The fun part of this makeover was the fact that it needed to have a special place for the homeowners 9 year old daughter to do her homework and make it close to momma to ask questions and so that mom could check the homework when she finished!

Now this was a “formal” living room connected to the family room with pocket doors.  Not a necessity, as the family room is where they entertain guest and watch TV.

Last week I shared the new paint color, Knoxville Grey and Mom’s desk, bookcase and trunk for her files.  If you missed it click here to go back and read that post.

Now here is the reveal of the daughters area!

This is the before picture of the desk we used for the daughter!  The fun part is that it was Mom’s as a kid!  Just needed a little updating and fun!



It was a tan/cream color that just looked dirty.  Has great bones and the top on the right side comes up to store items and has a mirror for some added fun! Sorry did not get a picture of it when it was up!



So Jen picked a chalkboard paint color at Home Depot.  She wanted pink, but they only have certain colors and the Pink one, well was REALLLLLY pink, some would call it Hot Pink!  

Mom almost died, but I told her not to worry, we will not paint the whole desk this color.  I would balance out the color with a white chalk paint and cute knobs and of course the color around the room and all the accessories!




This is the color choice up close!  WOW right!  I did do a little distressing as the MOM desk was on the rustic side too and I added blue ceramic knobs to stand out!

IMG_1513The end result as of today!…Although the chair still needs to be painted and a cushion purchased for comfort!  Remember this was a 3 day makeover and a very limited budget!

I added a basket for her to put her books and keep them tidy since it is such a small shared space and it is the first room you see to your right as you enter the front door!

Here you can see I added a key hook rack for her coat and back pack.  To the left of that we did 2 bars that are cork board for those items she wants to showcase!  I heard she has already added a certificate of completion of 100 hours of reading!  Congrats Jen!


IMG_1501 IMG_1511

Here you get a glimpse of the accessories.  We added a lamp with a fur shade that came from her bedroom, a magnetic board that has Monday-Sunday magnets that will allow her to put items that are due on specific days!

The J, (K in Karin’s the mom’s corner) and magnet board were all purchased at Bella Rustica this past summer!  They add just the right amount of fun and personalization for her corner!

Now for the grand finale a cute little girly chandelier that was purchased 4 years ago for her bedroom but never got put up!  Perfect for this corner and overhead lighting!



Is that not adorable!  It was made into a lighting fixture by changing out the cord so it did not have to be wired into the ceiling where there is no electrical to hook into!

Adorable right!IMG_1516

I think she likes it!



It was a really fun makeover and I want to thank Karin and Jen for allowing me and trusting my vision to match theirs and make this the perfect office for two!

Next post will be how we took the red out of the bookshelves and used the Knoxville Grey to transform the adjoining room!

Hope you enjoyed this and will share with friends and family that might be interested in how you can transform a room designed for a specific purpose and make it fit your life!

Until next time,

Get Creative and Empower Yourself!


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