Office Makeover for two!

I guess you may or may not have noticed on FB and Instagram that I have been doing an office makeover for a mother daughter team!

I have been working on the design for almost 4 months as there were things that had to be included and on a very, very tight budget!

So as I go along this very photo heavy post, I’ll share the little things that won this homeowner over in the personal space department!  I’m a big fan of shopping your house first, mixing old and new and of course the function vs form are incredibly important!

Karin's office collageI started with an inspiration board although the budget did not allow us to do the rug pillows or  bookshelf console quite yet!  We did make her lamp together with some cool personal touches and within budget!

Good design always cost, but just because you do not have millions to spend does not mean it can’t be loved and enjoyed with your own personal touches!

To start, the desk was in the middle of the room so she could see out the window, but comprising the amount of space we had to work with!

IMG_1453 IMG_1449

The wall color was a very neutral tan, but she was ready for a more serene color pallet and one that was more updated!

Before wall color

Before wall color

IMG_1448 IMG_1462

On her pinterest board I created for her design theme, she fell in love with Benjamin Moore’s Knoxville Grey…Kinda fitting as she was my roommate in College at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville!  LOL

IMG_1466 IMG_1468

The color was a bit darker then it looked in the inspiration photo, but by the end of the day, we were both in Love with the rich look and warmth it gave the room!  All the trim and doors were already a very white, white, which contrast beautifully!

It looks completely different in the day vs the night time!  But we love both effects!

IMG_1473 IMG_1476

So here is the room all painted!  It was evening time so the look is a bit darker, and to me looks like a dark teal blue!  BUT we will not go there as there has been many discussions about what everyone thinks!

After the room was painted it was time to get to the furniture placement!

I decided they needed more room in the front so that we could fill the little corner with her daughter Jen’s desk and chair, but she still wanted to be able to see out the window.  We just moved it back into the corner  and that worked for everyone!

IMG_1835 IMG_1492In the far left corner we took a chest she had in the playroom for storage.  One of her personal favorites!

Karin is not a very neat filer…So this hides her “mess”  I mean stuff, and keeps her organized mess to a minimum! It’s important because as you walk in the front door, to your right,  you are looking right at her desk!

We took a bookcase out of Jen’s playroom too!  Poor Jen was about to freak as she started looking around and noticing all her storage stuff was now Mom’s office furniture!

No worries Mom will find something to replace her Leggo and American girl doll storage and a place for all those books!


The budget was not available for this hutch I want her to get..But we did do something fun with this tired, old  looking bookcase to give it new life and tie into the color pallet.  We got this burlap with French writing (Karin took french in College) from Joann’s and glued it to the back.  I’d really like to see her paint the outside and edges black, but she does not have much time as a full time mom and with a full time job that keeps her very busy!  So I probably will not see that happen till I come back to Nashville!

IMG_1504 IMG_1478


Her desk was handmade by Rooster tails in Franklin!  She combined all her wants and needs and showed them a picture and it could not have turned out better! That was the majority of the budget, but totally worth it!

IMG_1488Kinda hard to see, but it has a side part that includes 2 shelves with room for a docking station and allow all her cords to be hidden from view.  Below that is where her printer is stored and can be hidden by closing the door!

All the creature comforts!  She loves her desk!

So I ‘m gonna stop here for today and later this week will get to her daughters side of the room and her reaction to the reveal!  Priceless, I tell ya!

Thanks for following along!  Lots more to been seen, in the mean time follow along for quicker updates on instagram or pinterest!

Until next time,

Get creative and Empower Yourself!





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