I’m shuttering again!

Hello my lovelies,

Here is yet another use or two for the shutter series!  Wow who knew I’d have so many uses!

If your just getting started with me and missed the other post on shutters click here to get caught up!

Here is one that I planned on making myself, but I had a friend’s little boy (11) here for a week he decided to take on this project after I explained  it to him. He ran with it and did a great job!sailboat shutter It got a coat of pale blue, white and a little Dark blue with sparkles for the water.  Kinda hard to see the glitter.  I was not blogging when I was taking these pictures!!

sailboat on shutters


The bottom of the sail is driftwood that floats up from our lake into the back yard!  I have tons of it and will be doing a series on driftwood projects as soon!

sailboat on the dock

This is where it found a home!  It is mounted on the side of the boat house where everyone can see it from the “living room” area of the dock and where the jet ski’s are parked!

What a cute little nautical decor…All free things.  The red fabric was left over from last Christmas, the starfish from my daughters room in high school and the driftwood from the lake and the horizontal boards from the neighbors shutters!!

Hot diggity dog!

Well just for fun I will show you one more from driftwood and slats!!

doggie gateGet it “hot diggity Dog”  Yep this is a doggie gate!  It is actually made of old driftwood and slats from a shutter!

My pup

My pup

We have the cutest little morkie, that is a maltese and a yourkie that we rescued from a puppy mill!  UGGGG hate those that think breeding and then stuffing them in crates and not feeding them well with  feces all over, is a good thing?  Really??? How cruel!

But believe me, she is one spoiled little baby now that we have her! We actually got her when she was 6 weeks old and just 2 lbs!  Although she is only 8 lbs now!!

She is with me everywhere I go!!!  Her name is Izzy, but sometimes the captain calls her zippy cause she zips around so fast if you open a door!  Hence when we are on the dock and she see’s or hears something, you know like water rippling or a fish jumping, well she goes running!

This gate stops her from chasing the ducks and geese that land in the yard too!  My sister and I built the gate and it’s just too cute!  It now has a fishing net over it but I don’t have a picture of that yet!  I will try and get one and post it later!

But to say good night I thought I’d show you my daughter, Shelby’s and her boyfriend’s pumpkins that they carved!  Pretty darn good if you ask me!

Shelby and Drew's pumpkins

Are you a pumpkin carver or like me you paint, decoupage or duck tape pumpkins?

So what are your plans for this weekend??  Me well….ANNOUNCEMENT!

This Saturday, the 26th, Hometalk has invited atlanta area bloggers to come meet and greet the editors of Country Living magazine at the country fair being held at stone mountain park!

I know I’m excited to be a part of that elite group of blogger we have here in the ATL…and I’m looking forward to meeting them in person!!

I’d love to meet you too!

We will be at the Pumpkin Tower at 2:00 pm Saturday the 26th, along with the editors of Country Living magazine!

Come poke me and say hello!

Thanks for joining me on my journey!



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