How to use old shutters for home decor!

Hello all you shutter lovers!

As I started this series on how to use shutters for home decor, it occurred to me just how many different kinds of shutters there are, as proof you saw that my first ones were “shutter doors from a closet.”  Well these next few actually came from my neighbors house, the outside of their house, to be exact!

He was taking them off to replace with nice new cute ones, and when I asked why, his reply was simple!  These are old, worn out and ugly!  Now of course I saw real potential in them, even if I had no clue what that potential was at that exact moment.  All I knew was I wanted them!

So the cheap umm thrifty person I’am, said, “hey whatcha gonna do with those things”, and I got the reply every DIY’er loves to hear, “I’m going to throw them away!”

Now I tried to be coy, but inside I was like, ” Oh heck no,” so out of my mouth came, Dude, I want those!  LOL He was more than happy to oblige me.  My husband was so NOT excited! He still to this day say’s, “Neal, all you had to say was no!”

Ok so that is the back story of the shutters!   Here they are in all their glory after washing and cleaning cause remember they had been on the outside of their house for many many years!

Taken off the outside of neighbors house! squeal!!

The next step, well figuring out how to use them all!

The first thing I knew I wanted was a sign that would hang on the boat house  to welcome friends and identifying our home for those boaters that come by to check out the house and dock!

With the Z taken off, taken apart and then put back together for the Pier 39 sign.

Now we and by we I mean “he”, the captain, took them apart, took the Z off and hooked them together to make the sign.

Then I had a friend and my sister do the letters and I painted it!

Dock sign

They did a great job with the letters!  I painted it my favorite coral color as I’m a tad bit obsessed with it at the moment and working it into the house decor!

IMG_2433 Now I have mentioned we live on the Lake and have a dock, but we could not think of a name for our place that resonated with both the captain and I, until I started riding with a jet ski club!

Oh yeah, I ride in a jet ski club!  Fantastic ladies, lunches on docks, sunshine on my face…oh I’m getting off track here.  Anyhhooo, They would always ask “where on the lake do you live” and BAM it hit me!

pier 39 shutter

We live at channel marker 39!  Perfect, the marker is at the island across from the dock!, So Pier 39 was born!

Now we still have more shutters much to the captain’s horror!  So one day while he was at work, 2 of them ended up in the living room surrounding the BIG HONKIN TV!

Whoever said they were big screen TV’s have never seen this one!  It is 52 Inches!

TV shutters w/logo

Perfect, Don’t ya think??  My hubby thinks I pay people who come over and make  statements like, wow, how cool is that, or that is so adorable and different, or they look so good, they really balance the TV…well you get the picture! No pun intended!  LOL

He just can’t admit that someone else’s trash is another woman’s treasure…

Now these look just as they were on the outside of the neighbors home, although I did wash them!

I was going to paint them, but the dark grey looks good!  I was going to take the horizontal slat off, but again, it looks good, so for now they will stay just as they are!

Now I still have more shutters, so wait till you see what I did with 6 of them!  Haha genius, I tell ya, just genius!

Have you used some old shutters for a home decor project?  What do people say about them?  Love to see pictures if you have some!

Well until next time!

It’s a beautiful day,  I must go ride the jet ski!!


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