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Happy Holiday Season Friends

So I wanted to be a little different this year!  I mean hey I am a blooger now!

Last year I had wrapped pictures to put on the wall next to my BIG screen TV…and let’s be real here folks, it is as much for me as it is the Captain!

 I love football and nothing captures the sport like a 52 inch above a roaring fire with some wings, chill and a beer or cocktail right!…oops derailed a little here, back to the post…


Wrapped pictures

See…. pretty cool and because I have white walls, the red and silver wrapping paper really popped off the wall!

My apologies for the poor quality of the pictures…this was last year before I started blogging, not that I have gotten better..New years resolution… ooops derailed again…

Here they are on the other side of the room and much better light!

IMG_1157 IMG_1156

So this year I decided to wrap my shutters!

Oh yes you know those shutters if you have followed my shutter series! Click to catch up!

Now they added great height which I was looking for and looked good but needed something to give them that sumpem sumpem  you know what I mean?

I wanted something different besides a bow, which would be predictable I mean it is wrapped like a present!

 I though of a wreath but I would have to purchase something for that  and I was looking for cheap…even better FREE!

Something out of the ordinary!

As most of us bloggers do, I started searching the house and saw some ornaments I had bought a few years ago that came in a pack of 10.  I only used 2 of them (you will see later).

joy ornament

I also had some left over reindeer that were the same size and also with the same red glitter!

UMMM admission, dollar store, 1/2 off at the end of the season 2 years ago…score

 I then  started looking for silver frames, I just happen to have 2 that are alike that  had pictures in them on a bookcase where our tree is now. Since the book case is not up the pictures are not either!

Easy switch a roooo and easy to switch back after the holidays.

I took out the pictures, put in the ornaments, then added the white computer paper as the background and BAM, the cuteness even surprised me!


I added some burlap ribbon from last year that had red writing on it and I just attached it to the back of both the shutter and frame  and called it a day!



Total time 5 minutes unless you count the time it took to wrap the shutters and look for the idea, then you might add on another 10 minutes…either way, Free, 15 minutes and it’s too cute for words!


The picture was taken at night..I was thinking it looked so pretty with the candles going…NOT!


I also had these sweater flowers that I loved in my craft box and decided they would make the cutest accompanyment to the already adorable “ornaments”!

Don’t they add just the right amount of dimension and texture?



So what do ya think?  Are you as impressed as Iam?  LOL  Just think of the possibilities!

You could add pretty greenery and small lights…I have some from a cheap necklace I bought years ago at Hancock fabric for like a dollar.  I wore it to a ugly sweater party!  lol

How cute would a picture of your cat or dog in christmas outfits???

Or maybe some christmas fabric or tissue paper??

The possibilities are really endless!

I’m sure you have a frame or 2, white paper, felt or craft paper that would be a great background and just about anything you can think of to put inside!

Good luck and please share what you have done, I’d love to see what you came up with!!

Until next time

Be inspired to go create!


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