Cool Christmas Gifts!

I know, I know we bloggers and those in retail have to start thinking Christmas and Holiday decorating and shopping!

Well I have a small booth here in GAinesville, GA (All things Beautiful of GA) where I’m selling my mixed media art!

I also decided to make some serving dishes.  I first made these when my daughter was in 4th grade!  Her school did a “buy gifts for your family”  sale and we set up a booth where kids could buy items for their parents, siblings and friends!

My daughter made some cute candle holders, painted and put stickers on flower pots that were sports themed and I made these cute little dishes!

serving platters

Now these of course are designer plates and would look great for a Thanksgiving table!

They are dishwasher safe, can be used in a microwave as well!!

serving dishes blue and white serving dish

The one on the left is a 12 inch plate with a shallow bowl.

It can be used for vegetables and dip but I like to use fruit on the bottom and chocolate or carmel in the bowl!

The one on the right is a deeper bowl that works great with a vegetable dip and pita chips or homemade salsa and chips!

Really the ideas are endless!

Whatever you decide to use them for, it makes the food feel more upscale and special!  Like you worked all day to whip up an appetizer!


This  is one that has  great color and curve on the plate!  The bowl has a cute little flower and is a little more “FUN” and hip instead of sophisticated like the other two!

You will get lots of compliments on how cute they are!

So if your looking for a special gift to give that neighbor, sister in law or even a special friend, head over to the studio at All things beautiful of GA!

All patterns are one of a kinds…Another benefit of buying from a local artist!  You won’t see these in department stores!

There is lots more fun stuff to look at not only in my booth but there is like 15 other vendors

with tons of fun items!!

Until next time,

Be Inspired and Create!



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