Up the creek BUT we’ve got paddles!

Yeah so living on the lake you can assume we have lots paddles to use on the boats, paddle boards and kayaks, but I have so much more fun using them as decor around the house!

This post is one the captain has been waiting and waiting for me to post on his attempt at decor. And yes, it is using paddles!


Cute right!  Now we can tell our friends that come to play on the lake to come to the mailbox with the paddles!  He is so proud of himself!

I wanted to do nautical rope around the paddles and use an anchor at the bottom. Well after you have  figured out how much rope it takes to go all around the post and how much it cost … well these paddles at 5 bucks apiece were just the right amount of cool, cute, nautical and “cheap” cause we are cheap frugal cost conscious  folks!

We do plan on doing some pretty Monkey grass or flowers around the bottom of the mailbox post in the fall.



The driveway is quite steep and tons of fun in the winter!  We have so many comments about this driveway, so the more we can do to ease the  “freak out” of “I gotta go down this driveway!!?”, the better chance we have of people visiting again.  Not really once they get into the house and see the view and the walk to the dock they know why we would rather have a steep driveway … I digress … a post on that coming soon!


So one more look at the captain’s awesome shot at taking decor into his own hands!  Quite cute I tell ya!



Have you ever seen a mailbox like this?  What’s the cutest mailbox you have seen!  Feel free to leave a comment below!

happy paddling people!!



“Free” pallet wall focal point

Well who doesn’t know about pallets by now?  I actually fell in love with them 2 years ago, but that was before Pier 39 Design blog was a reality!

I also have another business, Future Purpose Coaching and quite frankly have been spending a ton of time on the new website, speaking engagements and giving back to the community by way of the Boys and Girls clubs and three dimensional ministries and just have not Made the time to post all the changes at the Lake house!

But today I will make an effort to do more post in the coming months here at pier 39!

So back to the pallets!  On hometalk one of my most pinned projects to date is this wall I did with pallet boards for the focal wall in our master bedroom!  To get the real vibe though were gonna go back in time when it was not even a bedroom!

New pictures from I phone 4 G 160This room was a basement that was used as a play/game room with the previous owners.  We needed a Master Bedroom and decided to make this room it.  Being on the lake we PLAYour games outdoors!

So here is the first real transformation!

To the right is a big open space that leads to a sunroom with all glass doors and windows that lead to the lake and dock.mudcats, porch,boat outings 019You can see it better here after the carpet was installed!  YES it’s white carpet!  I love it and it was a risk since we live in Georgia, on the lake with lot’s of red clay!  My hope was no one would be using this room  to go in and out of the house!  I din not plan on the captain being a bit of a “oh you want me to check my shoes” kind of guy!  hmmm after 3 years I think I’m in need of hardwoods!  LOL  But actually it’s still in great shape, clean and oh so soft!

Digress…OK back to the pallet wall!IMG_0887 Here she is in all her glory!  The bed is a king size bed and headboard so you can see this wall was quite large and a picture or something just would not have made a dent in the look of the wall.






My sister and handyman Roy, taking on the challenge of putting it up with my instructions.  My instruction was to make it perfectly imperfect!  They did not understand that at first, but with a little guidance from me, they did it just right.  I’m not a matchy, matchy kind of girl and love to have a real rustic vibe and out of the box kind of look.  I’d say they did a great job capturing “me” with this wall.

To start I went to a lumber yard where I asked for scrap pallets that were not treated…I mean it was going in the bedroom.  Then They loaded my pickup with pallets.  I got home used the saws jaw…cut through the nails and then put them on saw horses.  I washed them with a power washer, sprayed them with bleach, let them dry in the sun for a week and did another quick power wash, then my daughter and I went to town staining them!

Then it was time to figure out how to attach them to the wall.  The captain did not want me to nail them on the wall but wanted me to use furring  strips behind the boards and then attach them to that, but I did not want them to look unified and  equal.  I wanted random, and the unique pieces that had holes and imperfect edges, so in the end, after fighting, wrestling and doing rock, paper scissors, I won and they were nailed into the wall with a nail gun.

My handy man and sister assured me that when I change my mind again that it would not be that big of a deal, although the captain said It was me that would have to fill each and every nail hole that was left behind!  I had no problem with that!!IMG_1361You can see my sister having a good time with that nail gun, so I hope it really is not that bad when I decide to take this down…whenever that may be!

I also wanted to add lights for the captain and I to have while reading in bed.  I got these lights at a garage sale for 5 bucks.  Of course they were brass so they had to be painted..  I used oil rubbed bronze spray paint!  easy peasy people!

IMG_1103They were meant to go the other way but I liked the upside down look!  I spent more on the globes then the paint and light combined, but they just make the lights!

I love the pop of red to go with the brown!  The room has since been repainted again to a darker blue that looks much better, but that will have to wait for another post. Gosh I’m doing good to get this one done!  lol

So hear is a look at the final project and let me just say, when were giving tours of the house it is one of the most loved and talked about pieces…the other 2 are the ” bed ” on the screen porch with the fireplace and the shutters made into lighting in the living room! Although they have already gotten a new look on the shades!  I’ll update them later too!  Seriously need to do a post on the porch soon too!  lol


My night stand BTW is an old table that used to be at outside a drug store in the 40′s where kids and families would sit and eat ice cream!  MUST do a post on this!  Just a quick peak at it here!

Ok ya’all I did it, I finished a post!  Hope you enjoyed it, will stick around the blog for more information and if you really love it, pin it share it and tweet it to all your friends!

Don’t forget to check out my “real” business www.futurepurposecoaching.com!  Empowering young adults to plan their futures on purpose!

Until next time, get creative and have fun!

Coach Karyn





Lead and Succeed today!

I’m so excited today I will be at attending a wonderful conference!

Lead & SucceedGet your motor running, head out on the highway, were looking for adventure and it’s coming our way, oh yeah, we are born to be wild!

That is how I feel getting to attend Lead & Succeed!

Have you ever seen such a great cast all in one place??  Oh my, I’m in awe!

It’s a time to get rejuvenated, motivated and inspired about all the new things I’m doing in the coming year!

I was asked to attend by my good friend, mentor, instructor, founder and CEO of Work Life Destinations!  Life Coaching & Training Academy, Suzanne Rosetti!

Suzanne was my instructor when I became a certified Life Coach and asked me to be a part of her team when she created the BEST coaching programs in the country!  Seriously if you are looking for a coaching program, check her school out!

I will also be with my Virtual Assistant, Melanie Davis.

What is a Virtual Assistant you ask, well an assistant that works virtually, only when I found mine, she ended up living just 15 minutes from me!

We are now friends, colleagues and she still does all my “help, I can’t figure this out” go to person!

We all have our favorites that we are looking forward to seeing and hearing what obstacles they have overcome and the tools and encourangment they have gotten to keep them motivated.

How they have moved forward in the direction of their dreams and advice on how we too can live our very best lives!

Melanie has Matt Ryan on 8 of her Fantasy football leagues out of the 9 leagues she is in!  Yes, seriously she has 9 fantasy football leagues she is a part of!  LOL

I’m excited to just look at Matt Ryan  myself!  (did I just say that out loud?)I just want to see how tall he is…  I hear he looks really tall in person!   wink wink

It is just an honor to see Gabrielle Gifford and get to hear her speak.  I truly respect her as a person and feel she is remarkable in all that she has had to overcome!

Her husband will also be here and I can imagine his story of being by her side and going through her journey is going to be a great speech, but Let us not forget the person he is on his own!  I can’t wait to see what he has to tell us!!

I’m also interested to hear John Walsh!  Anyone who has lost a child to murder and turn around and make a mission to save so many, is just amazing in my book!

Needless to say there will be 8 wonderful, talented, gifted and special guest that will be giving us the most inspiring and motivating advice they have to offer!

I’m looking forward to putting some of the advice into action in my life!

I will update later this week all my takeaways!

Have you ever attended a conference with this kind of guest list?

Did you learn anything that you still use to this day???

Please share, as we can always use good tips on being successful, what ever success means to you as an individual!

Until next time,

Empower Yourself!





Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere!

Good day folks!

I’m not sure about you but I’m seeing pumpkins everywhere, so I thought, why not post my pumpkins!

I’m not a traditional carving your pumpkin kinda girl, although my daughter is, I like to mix it up!

different kinds of pumpkin decor

I love polka dots!  So I painted the biggest one with black paint after I applied sticky dots randomly around the pumpkin.

After the paint dried, I removed the dots and added a big orange bow!

Isn’t it just the cutest as the parent pumpkin!

The next one I added black polka dot ribbon, the words BOO, cause it’s so scary right, with glitter stick-on letters, of course so I could reuse them for next year!

Then I added a pretty little orange Daisy, just to make the boo realistic!

The one in the back is too hard to see, but basically I used black raffia I had to wrap around the stem and created a cute little bow.

This is a table scape so it really did not need more than that!


Shelby's carved pumpkin

Here is my daughters carved pumpkin!

Nice job shelby, or as I call her “pumpkin”!  Anyone else call their kids pumpkin?

I also call her sweet pea and many other things when she was a teen that can not be mentioned here!


Shelby's master carving

As you get closer, you can see the duck tape pumpkin!  Yes good, old fashion, cheetah duck tape!

I love it and the best part is, it matched Shelby’s decor and took a total of 5 minutes! Seriously, I know it looks as though I spent hours on it!


Duck tape oh yah!

And just for fun, here is a peek into my next post about some more Halloween decor!


Any idea what this is???

Go ahead and make my day and leave a comment!

Oh and speaking of comments, I hope you notice on the Pier 39 Designs website you can now leave your e-mail address to get updates on the blog!

I also have those cute little buttons to go share my amazing projects with all your friends anywhere! :) Thank you!!!!

So until next time,

 Be Inspired, not just by me, but anyone!


Disclosure, All pictures were taken by me and clearly I’m not a professional!  It was also taken with an older version of an I phone…


My first blog post!

Welcome to all my amazing followers…my only 2 followers, my husband, Captain Mike, daughter Shelby, oh and Izzy, the pup, although she can’t read! I love ya guys.


Me and Captain Mike!

Me and Captain Mike!


My 2 babies!

My 2 babies!

Today though, I do want to thank a few people for actually getting me on this road of bravery and allowing my creative soul to divide and conquer the internet world!


Tara Sophia Mohr for her online class Playing Big!  She got me started with my first love, Coaching!  I coach students to “Play Big” of sorts.  I guide them in figuring  out where they want to be career wise at Future purpose coaching!

But it has been a hard road!  To get the full picture you need to know a little about me!

I’m blonde, rode the short bus, (and proud of it) am very creative, ahead of my time, i have been told since birth…and very much ADD!  A squirrel?  Where?

Sounds like a lot of bloggers (the ADD part) which I’m happy to have found a niche that I fit right in with!  Thanks guys! :) virtual hugs here!

I started my first blog crush last year with The Lettered Cottage!  Man oh Man.. An awesome creative couple and too cute for words!  A must check out source, but Be warned, highly addictive read!

Then to Mandy and Jeff of House of Rose and Dollars and Roses.  Jeff’s book came out September 9th!  Go get it!

LOL I want him to do my 5 series for Future Purpose Coaching, (hint hint) to get these young kids on a great financial path, NOW!

Jeff I will be contacting you again, cause you said I should!!

Jeff and Mandy also, as if running 3 blogs, having 3 boys and trying to adopt is not enough, tell you how to blog and are completely an open book about how much money they make!  What great role models for those 3 adorable boys!  (and a great LOVE story there folks), just saying!

Anyhooo’s..Next I found some Loving Lake girls!  I was in haven…I had just moved to a lake house that was built in 1971, by a dock company ya’ll, meaning steel beams and 80′s tile floors!  Hmmm what to do, what to do!

The creative, ADD mind and the budget that the hubby had…well let’s just say we had to have a talk!  i lost!  But not completely!  Follow me on this journey to see how it has turned into this amazing place we love!

Although it’s a project still in progress, I love doing, changing and rearranging!  My husband says to visitors, If you stand there long enough, you WILL get painted! Maybe even turn you into a shabby chic beauty!

So for inspiration I started to follow The lily pad cottage and crafty scrappy happy of course! Two of my faves that live on the lake too!

I have since found more blogs, but these 2 are just sweet and very kind!  Kelly at the Lilly Pad has even given me some pointers so I won’t  make the same mistakes!  Thanks!

But the real inspiration to get this blog going after my yearlong wordpress debacle…Introducing, (insert french horns) Mr. Paul B. Taubman, ll @ineedhelpwithwordpress!  So fitting don’t ya think!

So today’s post goes out to you Paul for your FREE, 28-Day WordPress Course!  And you guessed it…today is the day he say’s “write your first Blog post” even if nothing else is on your site!

Haha!  Here it is folks!

I do hope my 2 followers will send this to their friends and eventually you will be reading this post when I actually have many more followers!

I’m sure Paul’s course will cover how to add those cute little buttons to make it easy for you to follow me everywhere, but until then just come on back to www.pier39designs.com!

I do have some pictures on Hometalk (I actually have 63 followers !!) and you can follow me there.

One more thing…This blog is for fun, so if you see typo’s, misspelling’s grammar or punctuation error’s (Karin, Tess and Suzanne, lol) just pass right on by!  If your looking for perfection like on Future Purpose Coaching, then contact my professional proofreader, Suzanne at www.the correctionsconnections.com!

Maybe tomorrow I will do an about me page!

Hmmm, certainly something to ponder!

Until Next Time,

Be Inspired!