Bar stool over haul!

We all love a great bar stool and I just built a new island/bar from a piece of furniture that has been in my family for a very long time!

I will be showing that makeover soon, but I have one more thing to complete on it so in the meantime, I will show the barstools that I got and how I updated the look!

Now we all have done this kind of a make over so it’s not really anything special!  But it is adorably cute!

Before barstoolsWhile I was looking for barstools, I needed a counter height, not many “used” ones around that were comfy “large seats”, wrought iron and with a place for your feet and no handles because they would hit the top of the bar/island.

I finally found these and they were all that  I was looking for and actually cute!  Not to mention only $20.00 each! Bonus…I Love me some burlap too!  

But did you know as cute as burlap is, it’s not real comfortable to sit on in a bathing suit or shorts?

Trust me when I say it is not!  Now you know we live on the lake and are either in shorts or a bathing suit most of the time!  So we tried them out and after a few weeks the “Captain” actually said, these seats scratch!  LOL 

Well that meant go get some cute fabric and redo them!  Yippie!!

I actually already had this fabric and had been wondering what I could use it for.  I originally was going to make some curtains for the kitchen, but after painting the kitchen aqua (which I LOVE) this fabric was not a real good match.

Then one day at Joann’s I fell in love with some “deeply discounted” fabric on the sale table!  I could not stop thinking about it for days!  Really fun, wild looking fabric  for such a deal and looked like it was a great fit in the kitchen.

I went back 2 days later and it was still there, so I knew it was meant to be for the kitchen curtains.

Well that meant putting this fabric aside till I found another use for it!

I thought I would make some pillows for the couch, until I found these bar stools! Score!

Now the question was, did I have enough to cover both of them?  Well barley, but it worked!

after barstools

Don’t they look great?  I just love them and they look amazing with the window treatments that are on 3 windows around the stools.  The best part is they are sooooo soft! No scratches on the back of the legs anymore!

Barstools one each

They look adorable, brighter and are much softer!  They also match the shabby chic look of the rest of the house .

Now if you ever find your self in the Gainesville, Ga area please feel free to come sit a spell, have a glass of sweet tea or a cocktail and you will love them just as much as we do!


Until next time,

Be inspired!



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