About Me

Hi there,

I’m Karyn, a wife, mother and lover of all things fun, colorful and new (to me)!

I have a beautiful, smart, loving daughter, Shelby, a senior in College at UGA!  Go Dawgs…

I’m a University of Tennesse girl, Go Vols!

The captain (my hubby Mike) is an Appalachian State Man and his son, Charles is at ABAC! Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College!

We live with our 13 year old cat Abby, and the pup, Isabella, otherwise know as (among many things), the water dog!

She loves the water, the boat and will go crazy if I get on the jet ski without her!

I’m a certified redesigner and home stager  You can check out the services page for more information!

I have been a lover of all things beautiful since I was a little girl!

I'm the one in the middle!

I’m the one in the middle!

I grew up in a house with 5 kids, yes I know that is only 3 up there, but we were known as the 3 little ones because the other 2 were, well, not so little and a gap separated us in age.  The 3 of us were 18 months apart.

The oldest is my sister who was a very creative person and I used to watch her do all things cheap and adorable!

I started decorating early, moving my bedroom around,and making things pretty and helping my mom with furniture arrangement.

So you could say I have an obsession of the decorating , DIY kind!  Anything is fair game and if you stick around you will see I have some really cool things made from just ordinary objects!  That’s my thing!

My hubby, The Captain and I (not Tennille) moved after our kiddo’s left for college, to our dream house on the Lake, except it was in my dream not his!

My mind is a terrible thing to waste I begged told him!  After all, I had all these great ideas and they just HAD to be implemented!

Well he loves me so much that he agreed and that is when the adventure started!

Living on the lake is at worst, the BEST place everrr!

The Captain is enjoying all things, powered by motors, (boat, 2 jet ski’s, golf cart,) kayak!  When not playing you can find him building and replacing boards and making the dock a second home.

Me, well, I’m decorating everything that is not permanently nailed down...except, I did have them move the stairs from one side to the other to make a door for a new master bedroom, bathroom and closet!

Just a small thing, don’t ya think?!  LOL

I will show you all the fun stuff, although some may not think it was fun at the time, it has been fun for me!  The results, although a lot is still “in progress” are just so darn awesome!

We love entertaining and believe it or not, friends, family and neighbors love to come hang out!

You are welcome to stop and stay a while if you are ever in our area!

Well that is me and the Captain in the nutshell!  Were happy campers, living our dream life!

Thanks for sharing part of our dream!



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